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Confederate Statue to be Moved to Brandon Cemetery
Hillsborough County Commissioners voted Wednesday to move a Confederate memorial that has stood outside the county courthouse for more than a century. The move came after more than 100 people spoke out during the meeting, with most of them in favor of its...
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Dramatic Reversal: Hillsborough Will Move its Confederate Monument
The Confederate veterans’ monument in Tampa will be moved after all; Wednesday, after overwhelming public outcry for removing the statue, Hillsborough County Commissioners voted 4 to 2 to move it. It’s a dramatic reversal of their vote from four weeks ago. More than 110 members of the public signed up to speak during what turned into several hours of comment. Gail Jessie, from Lakeland, was one of the few to support...
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Tampa Attorney Raising Funds to Move Controversial Confederate Statue
Tampa attorney Tom Scarritt knows the controversial Confederate statue in downtown Tampa in front of the Hillsborough County Courthouse Annex belongs, but he believes it belongs somewhere else. “It just seemed to me to be inappropriate there. I mean, this is where people go to get justice, right?” said Scarritt from his office. “And that didn’t seem to be...
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Editorial: The Right Call on Moving Confederate Memorial
It took too long, divided the community and embarrassed the entire Tampa Bay region. But the Hillsborough County Commission did right Wednesday by reversing its position and voting to remove a Confederate monument from the old county courthouse. As with many debates involving race, this one brought out the best and worst in people. But the public outcry and the commission's about-face was a clear victory for inclusion and for public participation in the...
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Florida Board Changes Mind, Votes to Move Civil War Monument
One month after deciding not to move a Confederate memorial from public property, a county commission in Florida on Wednesday reversed itself and voted to relocate the monument to a private cemetery. The Hillsborough County Commission voted 4-2 to remove the 106-year-old monument. During a public comment portion of Wednesday's hearing...
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Hillsborough Commission Votes to Move Tampa's Confederate Monument to Brandon Cemetery
For 106 years, Memoria in Aeterna, a monument to Confederate soldiers, has stood in downtown Tampa as a reminder of the city's Southern roots and, for many, a history of slavery and...
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Majority of Hillsborough Commissioners Now Support Moving Tampa's Confederate Statue
As they prepare to vote again today on the fate of Tampa's Confederate monument, a majority of Hillsborough County commissioners now say they support removing it from its downtown...
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Florida Daughters of the Confederacy President Supports Statue Move
The United Daughters of the Confederacy erected a monument outside the old Tampa courthouse all the way back in 1911. Now, that statue has triggered a firestorm, and the Florida president of the UDC says she favors moving Confederate monuments off of government land in the interest of bringing...
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Attorney Thomas P. Scarritt, Jr. Achieves Recertification in Civil Trial Law with the National Board of Trial Advocacy
Tampa, Florida - The National Board of Trial Advocacy (NBTA) is pleased to announce that Thomas P. Scarritt, Jr. of the law firm, Scarritt Law Group, P.A. has successfully achieved recertification as a civil trial advocate. Mr. Scarritt has been an NBTA member in good standing for 25 years. The NBTA was formed out of a strong conviction that both the law profession and its clients would benefit from...
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The Record Interviews Lawyer Tom Scarritt on His
Tom Scarritt possibly should win a separate award for the best locale from which to receive a bar association's civil trial attorney award. "I was in Africa with my wife at the time of the awards banquet," Scarritt, who is founder, president and senior trial lawyer at the Scarritt Law Group in Tampa, said during a Florida Record interview. "So I shot a video from Africa accepting the award. There are elephants playing in the background." It was from that location earlier this year that...
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