Scarritt Law Group won complete victory before an Ocala trial court that agreed that SLG's engineer clients properly conducted the evaluation of a sinkhole despite a 57-page claim to the contrary. The plaintiffs appealed to the Fifth District Court of Appeal in Daytona Beach, and SLG scored another total win...
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A client stopped at an intersection was rear-ended by a dump truck traveling 50 mph. He suffered numerous serious injuries that resulted in three major spinal surgeries and over $250,000 in medical bills. He became addicted to pain medication and he was unable to return to his job as manager of a BMW automobile dealership. His marriage deteriorated to the brink of divorce.
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Scarritt  Law Group Resolves Six-Year Old $17 Million Homeowners Dispute For $350,000
Scarritt Law Group defended the officers and directors of an upscale Hillsborough County Community Development District Homeowners’ Association against 20 homeowners alleging misappropriation of funds, conspiracy, mismanagement, and fraud arising out of the collection and expenditure of homeowners’ dues. The plaintiffs were seeking over $17 million in damages and class certification status which would have added thousands of plaintiffs. Scarritt Law Group led a defense team which disprove...
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Scarritt Law Group Defeats Stock Claim Of Employee Who Stole  Data From Her Company
A founding member of a large credit card processing company allegedly stole data to start a competing company, then destroyed that data despite a court order forbidding her from doing so. After the liability portion of the trial was completed, Scarritt Law Group was engaged by the company to litigate the value of her stock considering the actions she had taken. Scarritt Law Group won 12 of 13 hearings and convinced the judge that the employee was "double-dipping" in her method of valuing stock...
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Scarritt Law Group Sues For $50 Million Against Defaulting  Tampa Bay Lightning Investor Partner
Scarritt Law Group brought an action for interference and conspiracy by two investment partners against a third partner who defaulted on a scheduled payment and allegedly contacted team owners about selling the team directly to him. NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman summoned all interested parties to his office for a marathon mediation session that resulted in a very substantial but confidential settlement for Scarritt Law Group's clients.
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