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Florida's Nursing Homes - Punitive Damages for Displaying Bad Manners
Imagine the scenario. Leona Helmsley procures an early release from her income tax evasion prison sentence. Unfortunately, she has developed physical ailments that require residence in a nursing home. She likes Florida's climate, and decides to move into one of approximately 623 nursing homes in operation here.1 Things go well in the beginning, and she flourishes in her new surroundings. She attempts to relax, but her entrepreneurial tendencies emerge. She begins to convene increasingly large...
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Defending the Sovereign in Subsection 1983 Police Misconduct Cases:  An Overview
The number of cases involving civil rights litigation as a result of alleged police misconduct has grown exponentially within recent years. The plethora of case law arising from this surge of litigation has made civil rights one of the most rapidly expanding areas of the law. This article will provide a brief overview of the law concerning liability of a sovereign in police misconduct cases brought pursuant to 42 U.S.C. subsection 1983. The vast number of issues raised in civil rights action...
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