Tom Scarritt's Favorite Christmas Memories

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Tom Scarritt's Favorite Christmas Memories

Attorney Tom Scarritt was featured in a recent article in the "Holiday Section” of "La Gaceta," the country's only trilingual newspaper, concerning his favorite Christmas memories.


One of attorney Tom Scarritt’s most memorable holidays took place when he and his wife moved into their old house in West Hyde Park.

The young couple didn’t have much at the time, he said. Plus, they moved in on Christmas Eve. So there was no Christmas tree and decorations. “We just didn’t have time to buy them,” he said.

At the last minute, he happened to nd a lot with one tree left and he bought it for $5. “It was Christmas Eve and nobody else was going to buy it,” he said. “So I brought it home.”

On the way back to their house, he stopped to purchase crab claws and champagne to celebrate the move. To this day, they still share crab claws and champagne on Christmas Eve.

That rst Christmas Eve, while they were enjoying their champagne and decorating the tree, a group of carolers stopped at their house. Scarritt happily shared his champagne with the singers.

Another memorable Christmas occurred after his children were born. They were excited for Christmas morning, but Scarritt told them Santa wouldn’t deliver their gifts while they were still awake.

Once they were in bed, he climbed to the roof with a bell and stood above each child’s room ringing it near their windows.

His oldest son got so excited that he jumped out of bed and pulled back the curtains. He managed to catch a glimpse of his father’s leg and nothing more. His fa- ther happened to be wearing boots and black pants at the time, and even as a young adult, his son still claimed he caught sight of Santa.



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