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I recently had the opportunity to watch Tom Scarritt in the courtroom and I was very impressed. It was evident that Tom connected with the jury extremely well and was very comfortable in the courtroom. He did an excellent job of turning complex legal issues, into persuasive, understandable arguments that the jurors could relate to. Tom did a wonderful job and I would recommend him very strongly.
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I was the defendant in an extremely complicated lawsuit that dragged on for over 5 years. Tom was brilliant at understanding the nuances of the case. His tenacity in following through and his superb legal knowledge of the issues ensured that we prevailed. My case was always a priority. I cannot recommend Tom more highly.
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After 2 years of complex litigation, I was beginning to think the legal system in Hillsborough County Florida was a complete joke. After discussing the situation with Tom Scarritt, I realized my legal team of 3 mishandled certain aspects of the case. Since they were with a large statewide firm, this was a tough pill to swallow. There were 2 trials involved in my case. My original team blew the first part of case by mishandling the trial. I fired the original team and engaged Tom Scarritt.
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You can bet Tom has what it takes and can successfully litigate against the best litigators in the country and win! Tom is an attorney's attorney in many ways. He was originally referred over to us from another prominent attorney. The case was very substantial and involved tens of millions of dollars. Tom and his team worked at all hours and through
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In our legal community, there are few attorneys with a better reputation for professionalism or aggressive representation than Tom Scarritt. A former Partner at the old Fowler White law firm, Tom's firm is a boutique litigation firm that does an outstanding job of representing its clients. I have known Tom for several years now, and have always - even before I had the pleasure of knowing him - held him in high esteem professionally and personally. Tom is not only an outstanding litigator and att...
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I met Thomas Skarritt a few months ago as a result of asking the legal department in my organization for a list of attorneys they would recommend to represent them on an ethical matter of false allegations possibly leading to criminal charges if not disputed. After reviewing the list of their personal preferences, it quickly became obvious Mr. Skarritt would be my choice as he was the #1 recommendation on each of their list to represent them personally. I called his office and told his assista...
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Tom Scarritt is a very well-known civil attorney attorney in the City of Tampa, Hillsborough County, as well as throughout the State of Florida. He is very passionate and professional. He is extremely thorough in his preparation of his cases. His enthusiasm is present from the onset of the case through the final victorious out come. Tom takes the time to know you as a person, as well as your case. He understands that ultimately, he represents a person holistically and you are not just another ...
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I have worked with Tom Scarritt Jr. since 1992 in the area of defending municipalities and governmental entities in the State of Florida. I consider Tom to be an outstanding and very competent/well qualified attorney who does excellence work for all our clients. Our company only writes governmental business in the State of Florida consisting of 410 municipalities. His knowledge in this field is superb and I have had nothing but high compliments on the work he has accomplished. He recently hand...
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Tom Scarritt has represented my client in civil trial litigation for a number of years and has always done an excellent job. I know when he is representing us, we have the best. I would strongly recommend Tom and his firm.
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I had a customer come into my retail store in obvious discomfort and pain. He and his wife explained that he had been rear ended by a Waste Management truck, been through a number of medical procedures, lost a well paying job and had to sell a number of personal items. They had hired a well know law firm in Tampa and had agreed to a settlement of $15,000. To me it seemed like he should be entitled to a lot more. I suggested they talk to Tom Scarritt, whom had assisted me on a number of minor but...
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