Complex litigation

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Posted by Paul

After 2 years of complex litigation, I was beginning to think the legal system in Hillsborough County Florida was a complete joke. After discussing the situation with Tom Scarritt, I realized my legal team of 3 mishandled certain aspects of the case. Since they were with a large statewide firm, this was a tough pill to swallow. There were 2 trials involved in my case. My original team blew the first part of case by mishandling the trial. I fired the original team and engaged Tom Scarritt.

Tom took my bleak situation and completely reversed the tide . At the end of the second trial , the judge told my opponent her assertions of value due her were ridiculous. While no one should be expected to work miracles, Tom Scarritt was able to take our situation to a successful conclusion given our difficult position. Had I employed Tom in the beginning, I am convinced the outcome would have been a complete success. Litigation is a minefield of rules and legal positioning . Tom knows the system inside and out having taught trial lawyers and I recommend him to anyone with a large case.

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