Motorcycle accidents can happen for a variety of reasons. After an accident, one must look at a variety of factors before establishing fault for an accident. Because motorcycles and cars are designed and driven differently, each situation can vary. 

Problems on the Road

Some problems that motorcyclists often face:

  • Visibility: Because motorcycles are smaller than most cars, it can be difficult to see them on the road. They can often be hidden from view by others cars or even weather
  • Road Hazards: construction, potholes, debris, puddles, or uneven pavement
  • Wobbling: sometimes when traveling at high speeds on a motorbike, wobbling can occur causing the front end of the bike to shake
  • Education: A rider is responsible for his skill set and ability to operate a motorbike that can travel at high speeds
  • Insurance: Motorcycle riders need to make sure they have the proper insurance on their bikes

Legal Responsibility

In some cases, negligence is the underlying factor in an accident. Either the motorcyclist was not properly handling his motorbike or the driver was not handling their automobile correctly. In other cases the motorbike itself could case the accident. This kind of accident would fall under product liability. The motorbike that the cyclist was using may have a manufacturing defect that caused the accident. If the design flaw has rendered the motorbike unsafe or unusable on the road, then the product itself could be the cause of the accident. Each situation varies, calling for an inspection of both the motorcyclist and his bike, and the driver and their automobile. 

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